The Write Spot: Possibilities

The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Possibilities

The Write Spot: Possibilities is a mixture of playful, experimental, and insightful stories as well as prompts, resources, and encouragement for writers. Prose, poetry and prompts will spark your own writing.
I started Jumpstart Writing Workshops in 2003, which still meets weekly at our local bookstore, Copperfield’s Books, in Petaluma, CA. I wanted to transform the Jumpstart Writing Workshop experience into book form for people who couldn’t attend workshops. And that’s how The Write Spot series began.

Aunt Janet's Dollhouse by Lynn Levy


Aunt Janet had a doll house. That was a little like saying Mr. Chrysler had a big building, or that Mr. Rockefeller was well-off.
Aunt Janet’s dollhouse was perfect. It came up to Angel’s chest, so she barely had to squat to see in the bedroom windows on the third floor. The third-floor bedrooms were for the maid and the butler, and had beds pushed under the slanted roof, and simple wood armoires. The butler’s room had a suit tree and the maid’s room had an oval mirror on a stand with a crack running along one side.
Everything in those bedrooms had the mark of age and use about them, just the way real things did when they got old, with nicks in the varnish and scuffs on the floors and carpets worn through where they’d been walked on heaviest.
It made Angel wonder who would have crafted those tiny pieces to look so old, or if somehow, they’d gotten that way and then got moved to the help’s room because they were old, but still fine enough.
Looking through the windows of Aunt Janet’s dollhouse was a little like looking into one of Uncle Jack’s big filled-glass paperweights. Somehow, everything inside looked more real than the real world. More focused and intense, but always just beyond reach.

The Write Spot: Possibilities is available for $15 at Amazon and Copperfield's Books in Petaluma and as an ereader.

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