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Welcome to The Write Spot - an online writing community offering inspiration and writing prompts to spark your writing. Click on Writers Forum for Zoom Events, Jumpstart for writing workshops, or Resources for websites and blogs for writers and places to submit your writing.


Are you a published author, new to writing, or unsure if you are a writer at all? 
The Write Spot books spark creativity with prompts to enhance writing, resource information about self-care when writing about difficult subjects, and more. And they are entertaining, too!


Writers Forum 2021

March 20 and March 27 Writers Forums: Christine Walker: Writing Resilient, Masterful Ways to Transform Our Stories: The ones we’re writing, the ones we’re living

These free Zoom events are a place to learn and chat about writing. Details on the Writers Forum page.

Great group of people, great readings, great discussions. — Patricia

Jumpstart Writing Workshops

On the Zoom platform. Contact Marlene for information about Jumpstart Writing Workshops.

I enjoyed everything: the prompts, the atmosphere and the variety of writing. — Sherry

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I think I’ll stay . . .

By Amie Windsor A girlfriend and I recently fell in love with a song titled, “Golden G String.” “I legit never thought I could fall in love with a song called that, but I totally have,” she texted me. I knew exactly what she meant. The title of the Miley Cyrus track makes me want to cringe. But that’s kind of the beauty of it, because Cyrus’ lyrics are all about understanding femininity and how to harness our female power amid a world dominated by men. Read a few of the lyrics: “Yes, I’ve worn the golden G-string   Put my hand into hellfireI did it all to make you love me and to feel alive Oh, that’s just the world that we’re livin’ inThe old boys hold all the cards and they ain’t playin’ ginYou dare to call me crazy, have you looked around this place?I should walk awayOh, I should walk…

The Write Spot Blog is a writing goldmine of information, help and encouragement. — Kelly

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