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I have always considered Writers Forum one of the best things about Petaluma.  Jane Merryman

Writers Forum has been pivotal in getting me motivated, focused, and published. Thank you for supporting writers and providing such a wonderful venue!  D. Zelenakova

I have found Writers Forum to be professional with lots of information.  Many of the speakers have been outstanding presenters.  Jane Person

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No Writers Forum in October.




Writers Forum usually meets monthly - except not in December nor January - to enjoy the holidays and then to recover from the holidays. This year, Writers Forum will not meet in October. Hope to see you in November with the amazing Nina Amir (description below).

November 20

Nina Amir

How to Evaluate Yourself and Your Book Idea for Success

The average book today sells only about 250 copies a year, 3,000 in its lifetime. Improve your odds of becoming a successful author by producing a business plan for your book before you write a word. As you do, you’ll develop an Author Attitude and learn how to evaluate your ideas and yourself through the same lens used by an acquisitions editor.

Learn how to determine if your book is not only a great creative idea but also marketable product—a viable business venture—as you go through the Author Training Process. It’s the foundation for creating books that sell—to publishers and to readers! This evaluation tool helps you determine if your book is ready to go to market—to be shopped to agents, publishers or readers—and if you are ready to become an author.

This is NOT a session on how to write a book proposal (but you’ll learn a lot about it). This IS a session about how to use the parts of a book proposal as a process to train yourself to see both the creative and business aspects of writing and publishing a book and creating a business plan for a book. This session is appropriate for fiction writers and for nonfiction writers.

Nina Amir, bestselling author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual, transforms writers into inspired, successful authors, authorpreneurs and blogpreneurs. Known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach, she moves her clients from ideas to finished books as well as to careers as authors by helping them combine their passion and purpose so they create products that positively and meaningfully impact the world. A sought-after author, book, blog-to-book, and results coach, some of Nina’s clients have sold 300,000+ copies of their books, landed deals with major publishing houses and created thriving businesses around their books. She writes four blogs, self-published 12 books and founded National Nonfiction Writing Month, aka the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge.


Writers Forum does not meet in December.

2015 Presenters


Writers Forum does not meet in January.

February 19

Helen Sedwick


How to protect your work and your wallet

Writing and publishing a book is an investment of time, money and emotion. No one wants to give away their copyright by signing the wrong contract, or waste money by buying into a scam, or lose sleep by getting sued for defamation.
Writer and lawyer Helen Sedwick uses thirty years of experience to cut through the legalese and show writers how to:

  • Set up their business
  • Hire freelancers
  • Protect their copyrights
  • Understand publishing and POD contracts
  • Spot scams
  • Avoid infringement
  • Steer clear of defamation and privacy claims
  • Navigate social media regulations
  • Collaborate with partners
  • Save on taxes

 Her  goal--to keep writers out of court and at their desks writing new books.
Helen Sedwick is a California attorney representing small business and entrepreneurs. She recently released Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook to help writers navigate the legal minefields of blogging and self-publishing.

March 19

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April 16

Brooke Warner

Brooke Warner is the founder and president of Warner Coaching Inc., where she specializes in helping writers get published. She is also the publisher of She Writes Press. In her thirteen years in the publishing industry, including seven-plus years as an acquiring editor at Seal Press, Brooke shepherded over 500 books through the publication process. Her expertise is in traditional and new publishing, and she is an equal advocate for publishing with a traditional house and self-publishing. Brooke's website, www.warnercoaching.com, is the recipient of an award from the Association of Independent Authors for Best Website for Independent Authors.

May 21

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June 18

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July 16

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August 20

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September 17

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October 15

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November 19

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Writers Forum does not meet in December.