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Harry Hogg

Harry Hogg is a pseudonym. Harry was born in London and now lives between two homes: a cottage on the Island of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, and a small farm on the Mendocino coastline of California.

“California is wonderful,” he says, “but it’s a fact that I miss the fishermen and friends who influenced my childhood dreams and love of sailing. Tobermory is the ‘rainbow harbor’ of Mull and when you visit you’ll understand why I say that.”

Writing is a pastime between working and traveling. Harry insists that his head is a kind of monument to all the ideas that never developed into anything. He is presently working on a new work entitled: The Sound of the Rainbow.

Harry Hogg has created a website where different works can be viewed. 

Please visit when you can: www.Harryhogg.com


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